Miami dolphins signed the front Viking outside Jennings

The blood of the Miami dolphins is still continuing.

Cheap NFL Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Greg Jennings, which was a 2-year $ 8 million contract, was signed with the team on Wednesday.

The outer connections that have been effective in the Green Bay packaging and Minnesota, Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping who have attracted the New Orleans Saint, Jacksonville, and Carolina, Jacksonville, and Carolina, Jacksonville, and Carolina. interest of.

After the deal of walking temper, Mike Wallace and the bartending of Brian Hartline, dolphins needed to help. Jennings now joins the plug-in includes young Jarvis Landry (22 years old), Rishard Matthews (25 years old) and Kenny Stels (Kenny Stills) (23 years old). Dolphin has also received the near-chordan Cameron, which was the near-chordan Cameron.

Jennings has passed as an era of external connections that can change the game. The 31-year-old external hand has lost its speed, but he has worked together with the Dolphin’s current coach Joe-Philbin (Joe Philbin). For a free player in April, Jennings gave the stable strength of dolphins.