Anthony’s key resort review

Anthony’s Key Resort offers a nature designed set of wooden bungalows which are set out to offer some breath-taking views of the lagoon. Travelers have been able to take advantage of this exclusive location which has beautiful scenery and different forms of adventure. Once you have been in this place, you are likely to want to travel here again.

Offering an extensive dive operation, this surely isn’t one to be missed. A reviewer on TripAdvisor boasts about the wonderful time that they had, even despite their initial fears about diving. They were able to see different sea life such as rays, turtles and coral. Some more fortunate divers were able to see dolphins on their dives.

The key deluxe suite at the Resort comes highly recommended due to the air conditioning available and the well-kept gardens. The main mention is that the place was amazingly clean like they had never seen before. The huts are not anything special as such but they offer some fantastic scenery.

This type of accommodation offers a more spacious type of bungalow / hut and can be found along the main perimeter of the key. They have hardwood furnishings and counter tops which are made of natural stone with expansive visibility of the ocean for a relaxing stay. The main access to the key and the mainland is by an island boat which acts as a taxi service between the two.

The pure relaxation can be encouraged by resting in a hammock and slowly unwinding on the private deck which can provide solitude after diving throughout the day. Regular dives are encouraged with up to 3 dives booked in each day. However, this is not suitable for the more nervous divers who are still establishing their confidence in the water.

Snorkeling can be a welcome alternative or even just a nice swim for relaxation. All in all, the island offers more than just sitting by the beach but a whole adventure of different activities and the encounters just might be with some dolphins.

The variety of food on offer was extensive and they were able to choose the same breakfast everyday which gave them continuity. Lunch and dinner also had options for meat and fish varieties and a set table for seating each evening which was particularly nice. The all-inclusive service is ideals for couples and families alike. Cactus juice was regularly served in and around the resort which is actually pleasant.

With such a magnificent place to visit, excellent staff and facilities with recommended activities which include diving, there is surely no place better to visit in the Caribbean. The reviews are startlingly strong with nearly all of the reviews hyping up the location as one of the best places that they have ever visited. Some reviews even suggest that if you are not a diver then there is still plenty for you to do and things to see which are breathtakingly good.