After the next season of the Palmer’s contract, the declaration will be announced, and the four-point guard will not be put down the schedule. The four-dimensional bathroom will also be their choice, and General Manager Steve Kem (Steve Keim) seems to have this.

Both quarters have gained an opportunity of recovery, Warner’s brief stay in the giant, and then played a brave in the rickets. Newton is a year with traditional Haoqiang patriots. Warner believes, just like this year, Newton can also retrieve the state.

As the year, Lovie Smith, helping the team entered the 41st superbit defensive group of defensive group, Brigs will be with the front team to hit the Brian Urlacher by BRIAN Urlacher. People keep in mind.

Bob Quinn, Bob Quinn, said in a statement: “We thank TJ Long’s contribution to the lions in these two years. He is the example of all the football players, the team captain. He is present High levels of performance we have obvious, but in the places where the outside world, he also shows outdoor leadership, professional literacy and enthusiasm for football. We respect TJ, hope that his career is smooth. “

Warner wrote in the article: “The view is not equal, I am a living example. I have gained two opportunities & mdash; & mdash; in New York Giants and Arizona, Wash & Mdash; & mdash; to prove that this player at the time The assessment is not accurate. I retrieve the status, play the performance of the professional bowl level, once again enter the super bowl. “

Lang once selected a professional bowl, still is still one of the top sharp strings in the alliance. But last season he was injured in the neck, his back injury and the brain shock were absent 10 games. Health is still a big concern.

“Every general manager has to pay attention to the young quarter!” Kaim said, “I warmon myself every day, the general manager who can’t find the right quadrant is alive. I have to be Colleagues work together to find people who are suitable for this team, so that the team can succeed. “

The current No. 2 quarter is Drew Stanton, but he will take 33 years old next season. Zac Dysert, which was previously promoted from the practice field to the big list, never hit the regular season. According to Kem’s speech, at least one new player may enter people’s vision.

The general manager of the Rushtzi said that it is looking for the right quarterNot long ago, the Carson Palmer announced that he would continue to fight the 2017 season, so the rickets will have more time to prepare for the future.

Cook is not not noticed for these criticisms. “Like I am a very self-high player. This is a nuts,” Cook said. “This is why I look forward to talking to these teams and letting them know what the true Connant Cook is.”

Bill cut the outer handlendier – BenjaminBeijing December 5th, US Tuesday, Bill officially announced that Cutting the outside of Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes. Benjamin’s Bill’s career has such a grass painted.

Last season trading deadline, Bill exchanged Benjamin with a three-wheel sigger and a seven-round sign, hoping that he can become an outer number outside the team. But Benjamin did not feed back Buffalo’s expectations.

Newton was sled after several months in the 2019 season, and he missed his shoulders and foot injuries. Half a season. He previously made a regular season MVP in 2015, and also led the black panther into the super bowl of the year.

Brigs is 34 years old last month. The competition showed that he declined this season, and 8 games were just 35 hugs. His lack should mean that the 2013 Two-wheeled Xiuwang Wei Qiong – Bostic has a more stable play time. Now the 12th season of the Briggs career is over, it is very likely that he is also over the bear’s career. He has a total of 170 games in the team, the history of the column history. The 7-degree selection of professional bowls said that this month said this month may be his last season in Chicago.

“I do think so,” Cook is asked if he thinks it is the best quarter-saving time this year. “There are many misunderstandings to me. I can solve these problems in interviews with coaching and general manager. Let them know what I am. I will demonstrate how I deal with a set of defensive formats. I will recognize it. The opponent’s flash quarter-saving map, re-adjusts four-point guard. Anything I can do is to show them that I am not only a good player, but I am very smart and know everything about the game. “

Cona-Cook: I believe that I will be a draft number quarter.Connor Cook has a lot of things in this week’s Nfl Jerseys body testing, but the former Michigan State University four-point guards believe that they can use this event to increase their market to this year’s draft number four Defense.

If Cook wants to become a quadrant, his front road is very difficult. Most of the draft experts believe that Cook is only the fourth quarter, Jared Goff, Jared Goff, Northaka University, Northaka University, Carson Wentz and Memphis. University of Paxton Lynch. The part of Cook is to overcome the alienation of teammates, lack of leadership, and lack of leadership talents during his second season. He did not be appointed one of the team captains, which made the scouts, and Cook said that this issue has also proposed this issue in a informal interview after he arrives at the body test.