Eco Divers an Excellent Choice to Explore Roatan Diving

Roatan is one of the top scuba destinations in America, the water visibility is excellent, the temperature ideal and the proximity of the reef to the shore makes this small island a prefer diving spot for divers around the world. Choosing the right company to bring you to these awesome spots is key to make you trip a memorable one. How do you chose a diving shop? This is a tricky question! Asking somebody for a recommendation on the island might not be ideal as many people gets commission from the dive shops when they recommend you their services. What we did we walked and see couple of the dive shops and see their boats, equipment and how they organize the...

Top 5 diving sites at Roatan Island

Roatan Island is one of the most famous islands of the Caribbean. Lying between the islands of Guanaja and Utila it is the largest Bay Island in the Honduras. Visiting Roatan will be incomplete unless you indulge in some of the scuba-diving activities there. For decades, divers have been visiting this place but with mainstreaming of tourism, it has become the favorite destination for the families and friends of the divers as well. If you are not a diver, do not worry. Roatan is still the ideal place for you to visit since it is the place where you can also learn this skill. The water inside the coral reefs is calm, providing a pool-like condition for you to grasp...

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