Tony Romo will participate in the PGA Tour next month

This year, I don’t have to care about Tony Romo, Tony Romo, who is trained in the back injury and snare season, began to enjoy the golf career.

The CBS is now participating in the PGA tournament held in the Dominican Republic next month. He won a sponsors exempt, and the game will be held in 3.22-3.25.

Romo has tried three times tried to obtain the Qualification of the National Open, cheap jerseys from china and cheap jerseys his score is currently -0.3 almost.

“As a professional athlete, the desire to compete will always stay in my heart.” Romo said this time, “In the family and football, golf occupied me most enthusiasm. Can have the opportunity to participate in the PGA Tour It’s really a dream come true. I am very grateful to the contest to give me such a chance, let me compete with the first-class players. “