McGlolin is the raid to stand four-point guard, but he misses the opportunity for the shoulder injury. At the same time, Connor Cook also proved that it is enough to serve Derek Carr, so the team no longer needs McGlolin.

Its broker refuses to discuss any injuries and indicates that any further problem related to Wilson will be answered by the team. The team said to the local media that they already know the Wilson’s accident but will not publish any comments.

Taylor’s situation is similar to the effectiveness of Cleveland Brown two years ago. He should first get a first opportunity. If he can win the team to win and keep the playoff hope, he will continue. However, once he is declining, Herbert should get a chance.

Jenkins is 31 years old, there are still many energy on the data. He copied 4 times this season, flattened his career, the number of broken passes has also exceeded 10 times, and completed 54 times. Occupational Rugby Focus Website Hands 50th at least 300 defensive corners of the 50th, row in Denzel Ward, Galomon, Gareon Conley, Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson ), Malcolm Butler et al..

Little Odel Beckham will be absent due to oral surgeryThe giant took over the Odel Beckham Jr. participated in Monday held in Arizona, celebrating the North Card to win the NCAA basketball championship. But the choice of basketball team is not what he is absent from the reason for Tuke University Training (Workout).

“He brings together the body, sports ability and passing talent, which is very interesting, but more importantly, he has a lot of experience in the competition,” Hamilton said. “In the Oregon University, I really helped him. He has more than 1200 passes in the university. Experience is taught. Once he adapts to the speed of the NFL game and clearly sees the attempt of the Cheap nfl jerseys defense group, that is When I came to him, I felt that the sky was his limit. “

The 25-year-old Wilson is the second NFL player who suffered a fireworks in the United States. New York Giants Defensive Direct Edge Sensen Pierre-Paul injured in the fireworks accident on the weekend and still left hospital treatment.

Rewick said: “He completed the time earlier in the game, but he was & lsquo; removing the game & rsquo;” Rewick’s speech may not be correct. In the game, Smith completed 3 balls under the stare of Rewick, and the 44-yard is accompanied by 1 time. In addition, Smith also manufactured a foul in Renis. The first half of the first half, Levis’s interference is divided into the crow, and finally completed the remedy. The second occasion occurs in Section III, Red Silans are fouled, which makes the patriots who have already retained the ball can only re-return the offensive opportunity to the opponent.

At present, Saint-Defensive Backfield includes Marshon Lattimore, New Xiu Changxi-Johnson, Safety, Marcus Williams. If it can reduce the problem, Jenkins will be a great help of Saints to fight for the United States.

For the interference, Rewick also has its own point of view: “I don’t agree with the punishment, my movement is no problem. The referee bottlefire, I can’t force it, but I still stick to my point of view.” After the game, Smith praised the performance of Rewis and called the two people as “the battle between the old soldiers.” After defeating the crow, Rewick’s next opponent will be Demaryius Thomas or T.y. Hilton.

Lightning quarter-off coach: The sky will be the limit of the first round of ShilbertSometimes I will stay for a year to make the outlook of university quarter-free prospects. We saw that the four-defense that was considered to be in the high selection of the four-defense after a year.

Rewick: In addition to this time, Smith has no actIn Baltimore Crow and New England Patriot, Steve Smith and Darrelle Revis have attracted a lot of attention. In the first half of the game, Smith took advantage of the wind, but Rewick believes that in the replacement, Smith is not active.

Although Hamilton praised Herbert’s work attitude, due to this year’s break training was disturbed, the old Tyrod Taylor took the opportunity in the competition. The latter understands the team offensive system and has received trust in the coach.

Herbert has achieved very beautiful data in the third and big four seasons, and he has a professional quarter-saving physical fitness, which makes the lightning are willing to pick him in the sixth time of the election.