However, James’s winning experience is not by Charles, James has entered the finals in the finals in the past five years, and won the championship twice. The chief of Charles won the superblose in 1969, and the last playoffs experience was the painful memories of Andrew Luck.

In the offensive system mainly of the Sea Eagle, Kason has proven to the importance. With the coach carroll (Pete Carroll), the Hawow eagle would pay more attention to the road attack in the new season, and it is a reasonable decision to re-signed the best running in the market.

In an interview, such as saying: “Sometimes I feel like it is a football world, because I am very comprehensive, there is quite a lot in the offensive,” Charles is one of the most comprehensive runners of the alliance, his The total number of battles in the ball in the past six seasons in the past 6 times, the top 10, he is a killing of the game in the Vanterxi game.

After the new Xiu Near Hengant Henry, the rumors about Gats return to lightning have been existed, but it will become a reality now. Gates and Philip Rivers have already had a tacit understanding, and they should not be surprising that he is unveiling in the unveiled battle.

This performance of the running guards and the Hawks have signed a 2-year contract with a maximum of $ 146.25 million. This contract also includes the third year of invalidation for the considering of salary space.

Hardy attended the first week of the race, but was declared not play before the second week. After the game, coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) represents not let Hardy appearance was his decision. Wednesday, the situation becomes worse, Gammon speaking Hadi announced the exemption included in the list. Finally, Rivera declared: “Today, Hardy voluntarily left the team league and players SBA will send a representative with him to solve problems we do support his decision and wish him and his family all the best…” nfl Jerseys official spokesman later also supports the decision made by Hardy and Panthers.

Official website reporter said, on behalf of the team and Hardy were in a meeting on Wednesday, the two sides discussed the issues included in the list. Hardy finally decided to leave the team and stop training. In May this year, Hardy because violence against women is prosecuted and threaten each other. Hardy in July 15 were found guilty, then he asked the jury appeal. Jury scheduled for November 17. When Hardy rejoin still unknown, and he is currently the team retain one-year contract worth $ 13.1 million. During absence, the team still need to pay salaries to him.

Jamar Charles will compare yourself to the little emperor JamesKansas City Chief Run Giamal Charles has been one of the most underestimated running guards for many years. He can rush out of 1000 yards every year in the past five in the past, almost nearly near The only offensive weapon that can rely on the year of the year, but unfortunately never got a swimming code king, it is always popular by Adrian Peterson, Le Shien McCoy and German Maco Murray is high. However, Charles is quite confident on his own strength. He has compared himself to LeBron James in the NFL field in a recent training camp.

Denver Morn Horse has lost a lot of teams in the team’s defensive group, but they still retain the powerful defensive backfinder combination. In the game last week, in the game of San Diego, the corner of Bradley was completed at a 49-yard copy of the CD. This is the third time to do in the season’s horses. The most valuable player Feng-Miller this season last season is quite good. As of the last week’s game, I have already won the second 8.5 killing of the league, although the raid people’s offensive frontline is in the entire assembly, But in the face of Miller in the peak of the career, it is estimated that they will not be a bit lord.

Greg – Hardy was placed exemption / President Allow ListCarolina Panthers on Wednesday announced that it will team defensive end Greg – Hardy (Greg Hardy) into the exempt / president allowed list. Previously, Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) are also included in this list. After being listed in this list, the player may not participate in any activities related to the team. Panthers general manager Dave – Gammon speaking (Dave Gettleman) said: “I made this decision Hardy is his choice to be included in the list of exemptions.”

The Carson was affected by injuries in the season, but still played outstanding. In 12 games, he averaged 4.8 yards per shock, reaching a new career. He completed 141 shots to get 681 yards 5 times to reach, and also completed 37 cents to get 287 yards 4 times. The arrival of the injury and Carlos Hyde reduced the opportunity of Kassen. In the 2018 season and the 2019 season, he averaged 262.5 times a season, a total of nearly 2400 yards.

The third grade of the Auckland raid team Delik Carl has gradually grown into a three-point quarter of the league. In the game last week, Karl crazy came out of 513 yards, 4 times of passing to reach and did not be Copy. This data has also become a 500 yard from the third single field in the history of NFL, 4 times, and has not been copied, the first two are the ancient legend celebrities 4-point guard Ya Turnre and Tonight Rotter Rotley. The raid person first left the left cut, Donald – Pan En got the milestone of his career last week, in the face of the old land, the offensive front line player got a ball to reach the battle, became the NFL history. More than 300 pounds of players who have a large number of times (4 times).