While people from all around the world are drawn to the fantastic thing about the fauna and beaches of the Maldives, it is the wonders that lie beneath the sea that draws hundreds of individuals every year to go scuba diving within the Maldives. Geographically, the Maldives stretch almost 500 miles in a north-south direction just north of the equator and south-west of Sri Lanka.

The natural fantastic thing about the Maldives is a direct results of the weird geological process that has occurred over millions of years within the region. The islands were born from the emergence of a submerged mountain range and have been quickly surrounded by stunning coral reefs. These beautiful coral reefs, coupled with crystal clear waters, give the Maldives a unique, tropical feel that brings visitors back time and time again.

The Maldives’ climate can range throughout the year, but usually visitors can expect to find temperatures ranging between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius through the day, with the temperature dropping only slightly within the evening. Temperatures differ slightly between the northern and southern Maldives, with the South experiencing slightly more rainfall all year long and the North more extreme temperatures.

The Maldives also experience monsoon seasons, which are split into the Northeast and the Southwest monsoons. The Northeast monsoon occurs December until March and brings with it drier climate, while the Southwest monsoon leads to wetter weather throughout May to November.

Diving in the Maldives undoubtedly affords one of the greatest underwater experiences in the world. Stunning corals are accompanied by an enormous range of underwater wildlife, with large pelagics mixing easily with a wide range of tropical fish. Such a big variety of diving opportunities ensures that novices and experienced divers will quickly feel at dwelling within the Maldives.

The mainity of dives sites within the Maldives are typically found in the shallower reefs surrounding the islands, nevertheless a number of the finest diving will be discovered within the multitude of channels which can be created by the Maldives’ unique geological formations.

An growing number of dive operators are offering individuals the opportunity to dive in the less accessible sites additional away from the Maldives’ shores with live-aboard diving. The mainity of the live-aboards in the Maldives operate from the capital in Male. There are a large number of dive operators within the Maldives, the mainity of which are affiliated with the island resorts. On the whole, they are typically well equipped with a very good knowledge of the atolls (ring -formed) native dive sites and reefs. Because of this, live-aboard diving within the Maldives is quickly becoming a thriving industry.

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