The general manager of the Lion said that it will continue to use Stafford to be the first quarter

Lions have a probe sign this year, buy cheap wholesale from china and you can pick a potential to pick a potential quad-shunt & mdash; & mdash; Tua Tagovailoa, Equation; Tua Tagovailoa (Tua Tagovailoa), German said goodbye.

However, General Manager of the Lion Bob Quinn wanted to continue with Stafford, he didn’t worry that there is too much impact on the back injuries of the latter.

Quin said: “I am very happy to use Stafford to be quad-saving. He will restore health before the start of the race season, now it is already almost the same. I have talked to him in the office. It feels good, the mental state is also very good, he is very excited. “

Stafford’s contract is still three years, which will occupy $ 21.3 million, $ 33 million, a salary space of $ 26 million.

Even if Kui is not to use four-point guard this year, he may also try at a more reliable round. After Stafford was injured, china wholesale jerseys nfl us com Jeff Drisskel and David Blao (David Blao) were not satisfactory, Qui Dynasty may need to continue to add fresh blood.