Cowboy and Sapphid will be carried out in 2017Now discussing cheap nfl Jerseys from china‘s first official competition seems to be a bit early, but everyone must know which two teams are unfolded between the celebrities in the preseason.

Last year, Green Bay Package Matal, the Hattle of Indianapolis, is the first to be canceled in history. The reason is that because of the bad running grass, the situation will lead to the injury of players.

Cowboy will safely want: the new Xiusius sports ability is shockingDallas denim will this year’s first rookie, corner, Byron Jones, is deemed to be the potential superstar that can be immediately become the first year. Team locker room leader, old Barry Church, in an interview, is more praise in this young man who first arrived.

But everything is still waiting until the game. This is perhaps the way the Clark is toned. Two years ago, because Darrelle Revis didn’t have the courage, the chief was shocked to Titan at home. Clark obviously does not want this to happen again.

When asked a teammate, Peterson is how kind of person, who will be running back Allen called “a kind-hearted man.” Allen said: “He treated me with respect, to respect my wife is also very good, I believe will make mistakes but at the moment I do not know the truth and the details of the event, I do not like some people do not know the truth. when they make improper comments. “

In an interview Wednesday, Garo Polo said: “The recovery is now inspected every day and try to play in the next game experience just have recovered better every day, this is your only requirement we really every day… We are observed. “but there is no pain when passing Polo looks Garo in this week’s training.

Previously, Peterson was being investigated on suspicion of abuse of their children. The child’s mother revealed that there may be abuse, two doctors in the examination of children also found that he had been hurt. Subsequently, the Vikings Peterson will be included in the list of exemptions.

At the beginning of the game, the lions were very fierce, but the mistakes were once again become a stumbling block forward. The first wave of offensive, the lion 10 times offensive to advance 49 yards, the team’s rookie kickernester-Fraser 49 yards shot. After a wave of successful defense, lion second wave of attack 11 times, advancing 61 yards, 27 yards Panthers, Qiao Yike – Bell (Joique Bell) rushed the ball off the ball, the Lions lost again scoring opportunities. However, the defensive group performance is excellent, and the black panther has not converted the mist to the mistakes into score. In the second section, the Black Panther team continuously gathered, Newton was accurately passed, and the 14-year offense has advanced 77 yards. Complete the shot at 11 yards of the lion, and take three points. The lion has advanced 49 yards in the next wave of attack, and Fraser stationed again in the Black Leopard 31 line, this time the 49 yard shot is biased again. He only completed 2 times this season. The black panther uses the opportunity to expand the score again, and a 53-yard shot leads the black panther 6: 0 into the second half.

Clark told reporters: “If you want to hit him, it is not difficult. He is just a big bit. 240, 245, 250 (pound). Such weight and one, he should run more effort. I don’t think he will What is difficult … I don’t think any running guard can’t be hugged, and he doesn’t look different.

Prior to joining the Bears, Allen worked with Peterson worked for six years teammates. When asked about the thing with Peterson, Allen said: “First of all I must say, I focus on the Bears and I have my own beliefs and my own choice, have my own way of life at the same time I have been. believe that good people will make the wrong decision, no one is perfect. for Peterson I can only say I hope he deal with his own things, for his situation now I’m really sorry. “

Newton injury is returned, there is no discomfort, 34 shots, completed 22 times, passing 281 yards, and reacted once. 4 times a shock completed 19 yards. Stafford 48 times, completed 27 times, completed 291 yards. Wei Zhenti completed 83 yards in 6 battles. Just 6 times in Run-Bush (Reggie Bush), complete 26 yards.

Newton injury pays the black pantherAt 1 o’clock in the morning of September 15, Beijing time was challenged the Carolina Black Leopard. Both teams have opened the door in the first week, and the black panther is injured in the preseason, and the rib is injured. This week’s fire line is returned, and the team mainly runs Guide Luo. – Willialo Williams, due to the absence of injury, performance excellent leading to the Black Leopard 24: 7 to win the lion.

The second-line defensive performance of the Black Panther is excellent, and Stafford is trying to have a long distance from multiple lines, and the passing of more than 10 yards is completed once. The game of the gods defeated the New York giant, 7 long distances to find Wei Zhenti completed 5 times.