I was on the train yesterday, and I overheard somebody talking about their anatomically appropriate shoes. At first I did not think anything of it–they must be talking about some corrective footwear for someone with severe foot problems. But then it acquired me thinking. What are anatomically correct shoes?

What They Are:

Merely put, anatomically correct shoes are shoes that fit your feet. and provide an ideal mix of comfort and support. This kind of footwear can be known by a couple of different names: ergonomic shoes, orthopedic shoes, or orthotics–all of those names are interchangeable. Orthopedic shoes mold to the natural curves of your toes–they reinforce the natural design and movement of your feet. They should also really feel as natural and comfortable as a second skin.

You might say, “That is all well and good, but what do anatomically right shoes do?” A great pair of orthodics should have the next options:

Arch Help: A quality pair of orthopedic shoes provide firm arch support. They curve to fulfill your instep, preventing or correcting flat feet. Proper arch support eliminates ankle soreness and the pain on the inside of your feet. Good arch support in an ergonomic shoe provides you better balance and improves your posture–which may appropriate knee, hip, and back problems.

Heel Support: Well made ergonomic footwear conforms to the curves of your heel. They need to assist and cradle your heel and provide shock absorption very heel strike as you walk or run. They should middle your heel and stop it from sliding round inside your shoe.

Flexibility: Properly fitting orthopedic shoes ought to have a natural flex and bend to them; they need to have the same motion as your feet. This flexibility comes from a balance of assist and cushioning. It also comes from the combination of the heel and arch supports for maximum effectiveness.

Comfort: Above all else, anatomically right shoes are comfortable. Shoes that are really ergonomic are the world’s most comfortable shoes to your feet. The reason they’re so comfortable is because they provide support in along the your total foot–from the heel to the toe–they conform to the distinctive curves of your foot, they usually bend and flex naturally just like your toes do.

What They Are NOT:

Anatomically correct shoes are usually not your grandmother’s shoes. Sure, they are orthopedic shoes–they DO right for foot problems and ease foot pain. The reason they’re “orthopedic” is they restore your feet to their natural state. Individuals care for his or her ft by wearing ergonomic shoes. They do this because anatomically right shoes not only deal with foot injuries, in addition they forestall them. A quality pair of ergonomic shoes are usually not just practical–they’re trendy and comfortable too.

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