Roatan Weather and Water Temperature

Western Caribbean voyage climate can be quite tricky for anybody arranging a vacation there given heavy downpour in the fall. The western Caribbean is comprised of a little number of islands, for example, Roatan off Honduras and the Cayman Islands. It likewise incorporates the Mexican island of Cozumel in addition to the Central American nations that face the Caribbean Sea. Most western Caribbean travels include some mix of several destinations.

Average Temperatures

Most destinations have normal high temperatures every month ranging from the mid-80’s Fahrenheit in the winter to the high 80’s and even low 90’s in the late spring. Jamaica and Honduras have normal high temperatures above 90 amid the mid-year months and are the hottest of the western destinations. Belize and Costa Rica are not as warm to a limited extent due to the cooler rain forest and rugged territories.

Normal low temperatures for the district range from the mid-60’s to the low 70’s in the winter to the mid-70’s and in some cases higher in the late spring. Remember that low air temperatures additionally mean low ocean water temperatures for individuals who like swimming and sunbathing.

Roatan’s area in the Caribbean has an ideal temperature lasting through the year. Rainier months can be between November and January. In fact, high season is January through June. Thankfully, Roatan is not so much a region that sees much tropical hurricane activity. The island receives trade-winds anyway; they don’t give anything much other than a cool wind or occasional storm.

Average Rainfall

The yearly Caribbean storm season goes from June 1 to Nov. 30. The months with the most storms and hurricanes are typically two to four every year. They are August, September and October. Most destinations see the most noteworthy rainfall in September and October. All out downpour can go as high as eight to 10 inches in a solitary month for individual spots, for example, Cozumel, a well-known journey port of call. Costa Rica can get significantly more. However, a lot of it falls inland as opposed to on the coast. Note that inland trips, for example, the nation’s well-known zip lining have a higher risk of getting the heavy downpour.

Best Months to Go

The most secure months for western Caribbean journey climate are in the spring and summer for their blend of warm temperatures and moderately low measures of downpour. The least secure months are December through February on account of cool temperatures and September and October given substantial downpour. Notwithstanding, the unsafe months additionally have a tendency to have lower costs for travels.

There are still some best times to visit Roatan in what is viewed as the “off season”. Christmas in Roatan celebrates with parades, galas, and that’s just the beginning. Halloween additionally sees fun and bubbly festivals. In September in Palmetto Bay is a 5K run and 1K walk which is a yearly pledge drive is called “Wild and free,” for the safeguarding of the Island Yellow-Napped Parrot, there is live local music, and a lot of fun things to do. Likewise in September, on the fifteenth, is the festival of Independence Day.




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