There are many things you should look for, before deciding on where to get your tattoo done.

Many individuals do not stop to think about whether or not or not the shop practices sterile protocol. The choice of getting a tattoo should not stop at what art you’ll like in your body permanently. But, also the quality of work, and the cleanliness of the shop itself.

Take a list with you, there are a number of things to look for, corresponding to:

Autoclave- This is the wantred method of sterilizing equipment, resembling grips, tubes, and needles. The process makes use of pressurized steam to kill bacteria. Needles, grips, and ink tubes must be sealed individually in pouches, with an indicator strip. The packages needs to be opened in front of the client.

Gloves- The tattoo artist ought to be wearing gloves in any respect times. They need to be removed each time the artist walks away, or reaches for non-disposable items, equivalent to ink bottles (not together with ink-shots), ink caps, lubricant, or anything that has fallen on the floor to prevent cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination- The HIV/AIDS virus dies within a number of minutes of contact with air, however the Hepatitis B virus can live up to two weeks on an item. Cross-contamination can occur when the artist touches any unsterilized object with the gloves he’s wearing. (un-covered bottles, paper, telephone, dropped items, anything that’s covered for the sterile setting) after which returning to work on his/her client.

Ink cups- Tattoo ink becomes contaminated by means of the tattooing process, and should be poured into plastic cups prior to you getting tattooed. They need to be refilled only when your artist has taken off their gloves, the tip of the bottle mustn’t come in contact with the ink-cup as it can cause cross-contamination. The cups ought to be then be thrown away, or placed in a hazard bin.

Needles- The needles ought to be taken out of the sterilized pouch in entrance of the shopper, earlier than the tattooing process begins. After the tattoo is accomplished, they should be properly disposed of in a “sharps”, or hazard container.

Cleanliness- The shop should be clean upon getting into, typically instances they will have flash work, and portfolios hung, or laying on counter tops. If they are dusty, likelihood is the shop has not been cleaned properly. The floors needs to be mopped, and sanitized. The counters ought to be clean, and set up needs to be executed throughout every tattoo. All disposables should be properly disposed of in a hazard container after the tattoo. The artists should wash his/her fingers earlier than, and immediately after tattooing a client. You won’t stop to think about their dress, however their clothing needs to be clean, and properly maintained. Jewelry akin to watches, rings, and bracelets ought to be removed by the artist, as they pose a tear risk with the gloves. All non-disposable items must be wiped down, and freshly covered throughout every new tattoo.

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