In recent years, with the popularity and development of rugby movement in China, the courage, tactical wisdom and teams present in sports are known and appreciated by Chinese fans. The number of rugby participants is also rapidly rising. In 2014, there were only 8 400 players in China’s organized amateur adult equipment league, and in 2019, this number increased to more than 80 teams and more than 4,000 players; Suitable for adolescents and public participation, the number of teams also increased from 36 cities in 2014 to more than 170 cities in 2019. As of now, there are about 50,000 people (under 12 years old) adolescents regularly participate in organized football training, and it is expected that this number will exceed 100,000 in 2020, and rugby is gradually become the fastest growing sports in China.

“This is a long process, difficult,” Mostart said. “But ultimately, we can sit down and communicate, can stay here is fortunate. No matter how progress, this is one of the things I know will have good results. I know that everything will be fine, no matter how I will eventually be 49 People players. “

Of course, the shortcomings of Benjamin are also obvious. He has 12 times a ball, and there is a problem from time to time when the route runs, often ran to half of the way to give up or simply run the wrong route, directly leading to the final pass by each other Copy, this is also his high risk. But in general, his advantage should be obviously covered with these problems, because he is tall and full of exercise body conditions to make him in the vast majority of the superior advantages.

Jerry – Dalei said that this story was not announced because he didn’t want Green Luo to receive additional attention due to the participation of minors who provided alcohol. After 49 people selected Green Luo, Deli thought was to announce this story, he wants to thank Green Luo and hope that other people can support him.

Beijing guy Li Bojo shocked NFL, Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be farBeijing guys Li Bojo shocked NFL, and Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be far away.

Now, Green Luo will participate in the new show mini training camp and officially start their career. He said that he expects to put his attention to play and try his best to make future attention and his own play.

I believe that there is an encouragement of the rugby pioneers, there is a more step in the new generation of essential players like Li Bojo, there will be more and more rugby dreams. I hope that in the near future, we can see Li Boqiao joined, killing the figure, and you can see the five-star red flag on the stage.

Although Jackson wants to avoid snow war, the crow offensive group will have a key advantage in such an environment. They know which direction they will go forward, but the defensive players will be more difficult to respond in a slippery ground.

On December 9, Beijing time, NFL Professional Rugby Grand League officially announced a list of primary elections in the 2020 International Players. Among the 9-person list, the defensive end of Beijing, Li Bocho, is in column, becoming the first Chinese player in this plan.

According to Green Luo, he and Meigen are high school students. At that time, he and some friends participated in the party of the brothers and met Meggen on the party. Green Luo said that he immediately found that Meigen did not rush but could not determine what happened.

Sky touchdowns as the most influential football education and training institutions, through this day compact exciting event planning, success has inspired the people to participate in the enthusiasm for football. Four in the afternoon, the final group of university awards ceremony officially began, the winning team received an honorary medal belongs to them. In the midst of laughter, 2018 NFL flag football game North China finals gradually came to an end.

And where did the black panther’s black panther’s head in the number of heads in the team? Although they took the high outside of this year’s draft, I devin funchess, but the injury of Benjamin remained the panther’s external brilliance to the minimum of the league, except for the party Outside Ches, only Krey Brown, Jerricho Cotchery, has been rejected by Tedd Ginn, which is difficult to use.

By halftime, the momentum of more violent Shibalidian Beijing primary school team in the second half resorted to special skill, but Jinan Hawkeye touchdowns Lightning coach and small players did not give up, they still stick to the teeth game last moment. After fierce fighting, the final Shibalidian a primary school team beat Jinan Hawkeye touchdowns Lightning team, won the North championship.

In China, there are also many pioneers and predecessors to work hard to enter the highest hall of professional football. Xu Xin once landed in the NFL European Union in 2006 and became the “All-Star Player” and “Best Defensive Players” of the British University Rugby League. Li Chauling as a player, has appeared in the NFL European League, and Dinglong also received an invitation of NFL Jacksonville American Tiger Team.