Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan

mahogany-bay-roatan-hondurasMahogany Bay: Carnival Cruise Private Cay

Carnival Corporation built Mahogany bay, creating a man-made beach for tourists to enjoy as a stop on their cruise. Being man made there is a lot for people to do their including shops, bars, cabana’s chairs and even a sky lift, AVT and zipline so you can see the beautiful island from above.

There are two different terminals allowing cruise ships to dock here which are Dixon Cove and Coxen Hole. Mahogany bay is one of the newest Carnival Cruise lines and in an area that was known originally as Dixon Bay. If you want to venture from the area to access activities outside of the complex you will need to get a taxi as there is nothing within walking distance.

At the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center, you will find waterfront properties reaching out 20 acres including accommodation for up to 8000 people each day in the form of a two berth cruise terminal. If you want access to the independent tour terminal area you will need to ensure that you have booked the right tour with your operator or you may be denied access. Instead you will have to take the security gate exit which will take you to the entry road; from here you will need to walk just a short distance to meet with the operators.
Mahogany Bay boasts a magical flying beach chair which is an exciting lift system that takes the ships guests to Mahogany Beach which is a beautiful private island that stretches 10 acres. Because it is private you will be welcomed by stunning clean golden sands which boasts water sports and even a beach volleyball court for visitors to enjoy. You will travel over almost 1200 feet of cables suspended in the air and the exciting journey takes around 6 minutes to complete. You can but a full day pass to use the chair lift for just $5 per person. If you would prefer to walk there is also an elevated path available letting you soak in the sights from the ground.

If you have taken the Roatan Port Cruise ship and wish to look at the real island then it is advisable to instead get a taxi from the facility. You will be able to meet with independent operators easily but there are three simple instructions you should follow.

Take the cruise terminal gated exit using the covered gangway to get outside of the security gate. The operators will have signs in their hands letting you know who they are. The tour guides will then take you to the vehicles that are waiting so that you can be taken to your chosen activity. If you prefer you can also hail down taxi’s yourself just outside the gate while walking up the hill. As there are no tourist activities that you can reach on foot it is advisable to get a taxi from nearby the complex instead.

Always confirm the taxi fare which is chargeable per person before you leave and ensure that it is to cover the round trip. Unfortunately people that don’t check the rates before they leave and more importantly