West Bay Beach


West Bay Beach in Roatan

One of the most visited places in Roatan is West Bay beach. In fact, West Bay has been aptly termed as the picture-perfect Caribbean destination. Whether you’re looking for amazing sights to soak up or water sports to satisfy your thirst for adventure, West Bay beach is like a dream come true. As soon as you set foot in West Bay, your eyes will catch sight of a string of beautifully colored wooden houses, located along the seashore, many of these were converted to restaurants or small hotels and they have been erected on stilts. A large expanse of white sands, calm sea waters and a host of water sports are just the right ingredients to make a wonderful holiday.

If you plan to enjoy scuba diving, there are many dive shops located around the beach. Apart from scuba diving, West Bay beach is also much popular for other water-based activities like snorkeling and parasailing. The sea water is very clean, and boasts a rich marine life. No matter where you choose to stay on the beach, one thing is sure that you’ll experience the best island reef.

Though West Bay beach sometimes becomes really busy with cruise ships in the port and people enjoying a wide range of adventure sports, which is great fun in itself, a large part of the beach and coral reefs around is still free of crowds. Days are a lot of fun on the beach while evenings bring you a great opportunity to enjoy solitude. Spectacular sunsets on the beach are engaging enough to take your breath away. The beach has multiple restaurants where you can have fine dining experience, savoring a variety of traditional and American delicacies. If you’re interested in a vibrant nightlife, all you need to do is reach West End village, a 10-minute drive from the beach or take a Boat Taxi from one f the piers in the beach.

It’s easy to get to West Bay beach after landing on the Roatan island. From the Roatan International Airport, it takes only 30 minutes to reach the beach. The same applies if you arrived by Cruise or Ferry. There are few car rental agencies from where you can rent a car or take any of the many taxis around for a very inexpensive fare.

Owing to the geographical location of the Roatan Island, the beach also features a tropical climate. The West Bay beach and its surrounding areas have a hot and humid climate. Bright sunny days on the beach are truly worth experiencing. During the rainy season, a single day can see many abrupt downpours. The period between April and mid-July is dry and warm. Since the beach has a tropical climate, even the minimum temperatures (31 degrees Celsius or 88 Farenheit on an average) are comfortable.