Best cruises to get to Roatan


These Holidays, why not make plans to visit Roatan Island in an exotic cruise sailing in the Caribbean waters?

Roatan Island is considered a heaven on Earth! The island is known for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, lush green forests and rich vegetation of flora and fauna. Also, it has much in store for adventure lovers. From varied water sports to refreshing diving, Roatan has it all: You can swim alongside whale sharks, mantas, barracudas, turtles, dolphins and schools of vibrant fishes!

The tourists visit this former pirate haven from several countries across the globe. While those having paucity of time, prefer air-travel, others who want to get the feel of being in the Caribbean Sea, take to water routes.

Cruising is often hailed as the best mode to travel while you are on a holiday. The primary reason being ‘value-for-money’. You get several complimentary meals, on-board entertainment activities for all age groups, various on-shore activities and so on. Moreover you don’t need to be worried about reaching your destination. You arrive at your holiday spot rejuvenated with dynamic energy to explore the new place.

There are plenty of travel and tourism companies who run cruise ships to Roatan Island. Here we have listed some of the best cruise services available.

Carnival Glory – This is a pocket friendly cruising experience for people of all ages. The cabins are quite spacious and family rooms are also available. They also offer several complimentary entertainment and dining options.

Freedom of the Seas – Although the ship is very old, but still you will find it shining. You will find plenty of activities and entertainment programs onboard which would never leave you bored for a moment. They claim to offer ‘something for every age group’.

Liberty of the Seas – One of the selling features of this cruise is the ‘Water Park H2O Zone’ meant for children. FlowRider allows you to experience surfing at the sea. Also there are several dining options (both free and paid) depending upon one’s preferences.

Carnival Conquest – This cruise claims to take away all your weariness and helps you unwind with their famous ‘nickel and diming’ options. All your comforts will be taken care of with sumptuous food, entertaining activities and with sheer grandeur.

Carnival Freedom – One of their main attractions are the events which are based on the theme of ‘Seuss’. They also have diverse onboard activities for people of age groups. You get plenty of free-dining options. They claim to provide ‘tremendous value’ to their riders.

Carnival Dream – It has a huge ‘serenity area’ for adults to refresh themselves and get some tranquility. There is a nineteen thousand square feet area built exclusively for entertainment of kids. There is also a water park where you can enjoy with your family.

So why wait? Book your cruise tickets to Roatan Island today and immerse yourself in the serene and pristine beauty of this nature’s abode.




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