Top 5 diving sites at Roatan Island


Roatan Island is one of the most famous islands of the Caribbean. Lying between the islands of Guanaja and Utila it is the largest Bay Island in the Honduras. Visiting Roatan will be incomplete unless you indulge in some of the scuba-diving activities there. For decades, divers have been visiting this place but with mainstreaming of tourism, it has become the favorite destination for the families and friends of the divers as well.

If you are not a diver, do not worry. Roatan is still the ideal place for you to visit since it is the place where you can also learn this skill. The water inside the coral reefs is calm, providing a pool-like condition for you to grasp the basics of diving. Also, the astonishing visibility and diverse marine life allows you to learn the best dives in the world.

If you are a veteran, then just hold your breath, because the variety around this pristine island is definitely going to amaze you with each of your dives. Several ace divers have settled on this sandy-white island because they are in love with the rich corals here. Even after spending several years diving from all the sites on this island, these divers claim to find something new every single day.

Here are the top 5 diving sites in and around the famous Roatan Island:

Seaquest Deep: This is the constant favorite diving site among the local diving instructors. It is located between the West Bay and West End and so is the most convenient spot for all the dive shops located along this tract of the island. Extensive coral growth, large schools of colorful fish as well as the nurse sharks and eagle rays make it the ideal spot for all levels of divers.

Hole in the wall: It lies along the north-western part of Roatan, just outside Mangrove Bight and is mostly famous among the experienced divers. It offers you a maximum depth of 130’ where you can have some stunning views in its depths. Also known as Swiss cheese, Hole in the wall has a cave system where you can see thousands of common shiners dance in the streaming flood of light, shining from above.

Mary’s Place: Mary’s Place is often hailed as one of the best dive sites of the world. Located in the southern part of the island, its thriving marine life and attractive coral growth will definitely leave you spell-bound. Although fewer shops are located on this stretch, many dive shops move to this part during winter owing to bad weather.

El Aguila: El Aguila is a ship wreck, which offers you a depth of 95’. It is strategically located, just ten minutes from the West End. Honduras was hit by the hurricane Mitch in the year 1998, when this wreck got split into 3 sections, allowing the divers to take closer look at the interiors of these sections.

Texas: Texas is situated on the western side of the Roatan Island. It is the converging point of the northern and southern currents. One can spot diverse flora and fauna including huge barrel sponges, soft coral reefs, hammerheads etc.

Dive into the crystal waters of Roatan Island and transport yourself to a different world altogether!